journey 3: hub, hero, hygiene content

The past year in launching an experience design and content strategy for a health & wellness brand, we faced the challenge of how to approach our content development aligned to our client's core marketing objectives. As seen below in this Schaefer Marketing Solutions chart, as this was an awareness launch we chose to leverage innovative … Continue reading journey 3: hub, hero, hygiene content

journey 2: the rise of digital clothing

We've already entered the age of 'smart clothing'. We hear increasingly of seemingly digital fabrics that read our body temperature and react accordingly. Intel, for example, has launched a new smart t-shirt that is connected to the Internet. This t-shirt tracks a wearers' exercise and gives recommendations. The shirt is able to do this because it has embedded … Continue reading journey 2: the rise of digital clothing

journey 1: technology is knocking

Let's re-imagine the doorbell. While it is today a very basic service in our homes, what will connected devices and the IOT allow this technology to become? Some say doorbells will become "smart" e.g. include facial recognition technology. With a simple camera, a doorbell becomes a home security tool. This former inanimate object becomes an animated utility … Continue reading journey 1: technology is knocking